The Paris YMCA, assisted by American YMCA’s members, undertakes a long-term construction project to create a building dedicated to its sporting, cultural and social activities, according to the YMCA educational tryptic BODY-MIND-SPIRIT.


French and American YMCA members establish together a realty subsidiary to buy the 14 Trévise Street land and existing building. The architectural project is entrusted to Mr. Emile Bénard, “Grand Prix de Rome” recipient, who left on a tour of the United States to study the most advanced YMCA buildings.


The Paris YMCA 14 Trévise Street building is inaugurated. For the first time in France are gathered under one roof a residence, a restaurant, an indoor gymnasium and swimming pool, a big multi-purpose theater, conference and concert hall, a library, a bowling, billiards…


While the building is requisitioned and converted into a military hospital and maintained by the SSBM (Aid to wounded soldiers society), on the frontlines, members deploy considerable means to build the YMCA Huts or “Homes for Soldiers” (Les Foyers du Soldat) intended to provide meals, services and respite to soldiers.


There is something happening every day at the 14 Trévise Street: you can learn to dance, to sing, to swim, to play basketball, you can learn photography and dactylography, participate in a study circle or attend to cine-club screenings…


The building is registered on the French Supplementary Historical Monument List (ISMH) for the “Originality and rarity of this social, educational and sporting complex”, that was the home to the first basketball game in Europe, and home of the first scouting group in France.