They are the initials of the two associations:

UCJG :  Union Chrétienne de Jeunes Gens. Translation of YMCA.

YMCA :  Young Men’s Christian Association.

UCJF :  Union Chrétienne de Jeunes Filles. Translation of YWCA.

YWCA : Young Women Christian Association.

➔ It is the name given to the 168 Blomet Street Residence.

➔ The parents of Anne-Marie Veder financed its construction in memory of their only daughter who died prematurely by accident before her 20th birthday.

➔ You have to follow the application guidelines: choose one of the three residences, complete and submit the application form, complete your application file by sending requested additional documents by email, wait for our answer, and then if you’re accepted, follow the final registration procedure that we’ll send you.

➔ No. You have to select only one residence when you complete and submit the application form. If no room is available in your selected residence, your application will be transferred to your second or third choice in order of preference. In that case, there is no additional application fee and your file will be automatically transferred.

➔ Once your application has been accepted, you’ll receive an email with a link to download different documents to complete your application file. If, for some reason, you do not manage to download the documents, you can reach the corresponding Residence by mail of telephone, so they can send them to you as email attachments.

➔ It depends on the time frame you submit your application form, and whether or not places are available at that time. In general, you receive news from us by email within two or three working days.

➔ The buildings are accessible any time by badge: there are no entry/exit restrictions, no hourly limits. We provide year-round accommodation, even during the school holidays.

➔ The visitors are only permitted in the common rooms such as the communal kitchen, the dining room and the inner courtyard, only during the day and must not exceed 10:30 PM. They are not allowed in the bedrooms. The Residency Rules govern the functioning and quality of the common life in our premises and must be observed.

➔ Yes, the Residences are secular, there is no religious activities nor proselytism.

➔ Trévise Residence only welcomes men. Naples and Anne-Marie Veder Residences are gender-mixed but not within the same bedrooms. We do not welcome couples.

➔ No. An equipped communal kitchen is at your disposal for meal preparation, independently, and without any assistance, from breakfast to dinner.

➔ It is equipped with shared refrigerators, freezers, electric cooking appliances, sinks, standard and microwave ovens, and worktops with small appliances like toasters and kettles. Residents dispose of their own locker to store their food and tableware belongings.

➔ We provide year-round accommodation: the residences stay open even during the school holidays. We ask for school-year commitments from September to June, but long-stay residents can extend their stay until July and even August along with the same monthly fee.

➔ Naples and Anne-Marie Veder residences each have a fitness room accessible to all residents but forbidden to visitors.

➔ Parcels and mail are taken over by the reception