Terms of stay

  • Our Residences are open to students, interns, first-job-seekers or young employees, aged from 18 to 25, and coming from all over the world, from different culture and tradition. The residents are in Paris to study or work in a broad range of disciplines. All are welcome in these secular premises in a spirit of tolerance, acceptance, and openness, while showing mutual respect for each other.
  • Two types of stay are possible on condition of the YMCA Paris Association membership:
    • long stays (with commitment to stay for the school year)
    • short stays (up to 3 months)
  • The pricing grid varies according to the stay type and the room type.
  • The Residency Rules govern the functioning of the common life in our premises. All must agree to it upon arrival. Observance of the rules by all is a guarantees the quality of life in our Residences.

Access and security


The buildings are accessible any time by badge: there are no entry/exit restrictions, no hourly limits. Each resident is responsible for its set of keys comprising a badge for the front door, a room key and a locker key.

School holidays

We provide year-round accommodation, even during the school holidays. The residents must notify their absences.


Visitors are only permitted in the common rooms and must not exceed 10:30 PM. They are not allowed in the bedrooms.

Residence security

Two custodians living on-site take turns to ensure surveillance from 7:00 PM to 8:00 AM, seven days a week, including statutory holidays.