Our ambition

Our ambition is to provide a pleasant and comfortable place to live that promotes learning, encounters, openness, sharing and dialogue for the development of one’s critical thinking and potential. It is based on the notion of respect for others and for the environment, ensuring social equality, diversity and inclusion.


Every year, we welcome thousands of provincial or foreigner young people in our three Parisian Residences. Committed to being open to all, our golden rule for successful living together is to seek for diversity at different levels: cultural heritage, religious and national origins, academic and professional backgrounds. This plural diversity plays a large role in the reach for success and autonomy of our residents.

Added value

The YMCA Paris Residences are not simply temporary accommodation. They are safe spaces where the senses of sharing, of solidarity, and of responsibility prevail.


Whether it’s through our dedicated staff, the many activities offered, or through the values that are promoted in our supervising and mentoring methods, our Residences provide happy and reassuring stays for both the young people to be hosted and the families that entrust us with their child.

Resident’s testimonials